Saturday, October 22, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!

It's almost time to party with the creatures of the night but we're not slowing down here. Jenna Green is putting the finishing touches on our miniature creatures for our second unit work, I've been working on a few pickup shots with actor Matt Blackwell, and our green screen space is just about ready to go four our final round of second unit photography.

Fun Video For Halloween

Ah, we love special effects. That perfect blend of practical monsters, camera tricks, clever editing and compositing. That's why I was thrilled when a couple of days ago Rocket Jump Film School released this totally rad (Yes, I said rad. We're trying to bring that back, here.) video highlighting some of the practical effects that made us fall in love with movies. Being as I also am a writer, I put together an articles that expands on some of the effects they talk about. You can read it by clicking HERE. Keep an eye out for friends of The Quantum Terror, Alec Gillis (talking Facehuggers) and Tom Woodruff, Jr. (among the Terminator puppet crew) They have a pretty cool You Tube Channel, too.

If you enjoyed that, I'd also like to point you to an earlier article from a few years back. Click HERE to read that one.

Gore Noir Magazine

I'm told there's still time to order your coffin shaped H.P. Lovecraft edition of Gore Noir Magazine, featuring exclusive photos from The Quantum Terror, but they will sell out soon. CLICK HERE to get your copy, if you haven't already. They should be showing up in the mail any day now, for those who are expecting them.


You've all been so wonderful, nothing but support and not a single complaint that the movie is taking to long. I'm very grateful for that and I promise it's all going to be worth the wait. However, you know me. I've got to give you something. Here are a few more photos from our post production that will give you just enough to make you wonder what you're in for.

As always, thank you!
-Christopher "Moonlight"

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Gore Noir Coffin Shaped Lovecraft Exclusive

It's been a bit too long since our last update but we're back with some big news. The Quantum Terror will be featured for the first time in Gore Noir's black and white H.P. Lovecraft special. The fact that it's coffin shaped is enough to make it a gem in their already collectable series of magazines, but we believe the fact that will feature never before seen exclusive photographs of our practical effects Lovecraftian nightmares will make it even more so. It's going to sell out quick so pre-order your copy by going to this link: right now.

We've been hard at work over the last month creating the last of our monsters for second unit filming. We don't want to give away too much, but here are a few photos to spark your curiosity.

Jenna Green painting... something.
When Shoggoth wants your beer.
Hang in there.

I also took a little time to do a video update about how we're using stop motion as part of our movie.

There's more news coming. I wish I could just say it all right now but we've got to make sure that everything's nailed down before we go blabbing. All I can say is that we're really excited about how well this movie is coming together, as well as all the possibilities for distribution that have come our way. It could be that this movie becomes bigger than I could have ever imagined. More on that, soon. 

As always, thank you!
-Christopher "Moonlight"

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