Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lovecraftian Creatures From The Past

Well, the response to our Kickstarter has been enormous, and would be lying if we said that we weren't thrilled and honored by all the messages, social media comments, and of course, generous pledges that we've received so far.
I know many of you have been wondering: "Just what kind of creatures can be created on such a low budget, and will they look cool?" Well, to answer that, I offer you this video, which highlights the creation of a Cthulhu like creature for a past comic book project called Negative.

Just to be clear, this particular creature will not be featured in the film, but we have plans for at least three puppets that will top him.

Special thanks go to for posting the link to our article entitled "Zombies Are Out, Tentacles Are The New Meta" which has made some major waves in the comments of their horror Facebook page. (In response to one question: No, this is NOT a tentacle porn. Sorry to disappoint.) We're over the moon at how many views it's gotten.

Thank you to Darkest Jack of Darkest Radio for dedicating a segment of his last podcast to The Quantum Terror. If you missed it, you can still listen to the recording by clicking HERE.

In our next update, we will have a message from former contestant from SyFy's Face Off & makeup artist behind Army of Frankensteins, Jenna Green. Jenna is our lead FX artist on The Quantum Terror and there will be exclusive interview footage of her for our backers, as well.

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Thanks again everybody. Let's keep the terror alive.
~Christopher Moonlight (producer)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Kickstarter Blog Update #1: Tentacles, Podcasts, &

We have 25 days left to go on our Kickstarter, and making progress in bringing you our Lovecraftian style story of tentacles and madness to film.


If I do say so myself, I wrote a great little article about why movies like this one are exciting, called Zombies Are Over, Tentacles Are The New Meta. Don't worry. I don't bash The Walking Dead. It was fun to write, and to pick out animated gif images and You Tube trailers, to go along with it. Click HERE to read it.

We were also glad to be the topic of conversation during THIS EPISODE OF DARKEST RADIO. is a weekly goth/horror podcast that's actually a really good time, so we were honored.

We'll have more news on the way very soon, including cast announcements, and video with our makeup guru and former contestant from the SyFy series Face Off, Jenna Green.

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Also, check out our latest update on Kickstarter HERE.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Welcome To The Quantum Terror

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If David Lynch directed an H. P. Lovecraft film, using practical effects, while studying quantum physics, and watching Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman, we'd like to think it'd turn out a little bit like The Quantum Terror. Our Kickstarter for this ‪#sci‬ / horror‬ indiefilm‬ has launched. We'll be using practical effects‬, puppets‬, and miniatures‬, with a smart story. Produced by Christopher Moonlight, Directed by Frank Papa III, with special makeup effects by Jenna Green (SyFy's ‪‎FaceOff / Army of Frankensteins) score and sound design by Lauren Comele Morris (Circus of the Dead) and more talented crew that we hope to announce very soon. Please, help us get the word out, by sharing this with everyone you know. This is some of the best talent in Austin, TX coming together. We're very passionate and proud of this project, which I know you'll see when you watch the video. Thank you.

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