Friday, November 28, 2014

Welcome To The Quantum Terror

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If David Lynch directed an H. P. Lovecraft film, using practical effects, while studying quantum physics, and watching Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman, we'd like to think it'd turn out a little bit like The Quantum Terror. Our Kickstarter for this ‪#sci‬ / horror‬ indiefilm‬ has launched. We'll be using practical effects‬, puppets‬, and miniatures‬, with a smart story. Produced by Christopher Moonlight, Directed by Frank Papa III, with special makeup effects by Jenna Green (SyFy's ‪‎FaceOff / Army of Frankensteins) score and sound design by Lauren Comele Morris (Circus of the Dead) and more talented crew that we hope to announce very soon. Please, help us get the word out, by sharing this with everyone you know. This is some of the best talent in Austin, TX coming together. We're very passionate and proud of this project, which I know you'll see when you watch the video. Thank you.

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