Thursday, August 27, 2015

We Have New Pledge Rewards!

Join us now on Indiegogo at:

One of the most difficult parts of crowdfunding is providing contributors with great pledge rewards. You may of noticed that some of our earlier rewards are now gone. Sadly, the company that was providing them had to close their doors. Fortunately nobody had yet to claimed those levels and we've managed to seek out and bring even better ones to the table.
From here on out we're bringing you some awesome stuff, including:

Framed Art Prints
Shirts (available in Men's & Women's scoop & V-necks, as well as tanks)
Coffee Mugs
...and other clothing and accessories.

Even though we are now shooting, we still need to raise more funds to get everything done. Remember, if our Indiegogo reaches 6K, everyone who has pledged will get a free download of The Art Of The Quantum Terror, which includes an in depth look out our creature designs and behind the scenes photos. Tell your friends and fellow horror lovers.

Thank you.
-Christopher "Moonlight"
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