Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Take A Tour Through Our Set, In This Video!

Don't forget, we're now on Indiegogo.

Obviously, this isn't the only location we'll be shooting in, but once you see the movie, you'll be amazed at just how big we can make these little tunnels look, between trick photography, and miniatures.

We've also got some amazing behind the scenes video about our practical effects & storyboard work.
Our other good news is that I've gotten some art commissions, which I'll be putting most of the money from towards this film, which will take us that much closer to the finish line. Yes, in case you missed it, I'm also a working artist. Check out this sketch I did as a warm up, for one of my upcoming works for a client.

Interested in commissioning your own drawing or painting? Interested in our film investor options? Email me at We're so near to having enough to complete this film. All of these things can help. Also remember, if we reach our 6K stretch goal EVERYONE who has contributed to this project will get a free "Art Of The Quantum Terror" ebook that they can download.

As always, thank you! -Christopher "Moonlight"

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