Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween. Ours got off to a great start with our local paper The Hays Free Press doing their second story on our production, which you can read by clicking HERE.

However, things did get a bit hairy soon after that, with severe flooding in our city, where we're shooting. Everyone is okay and we soon got thing straitened out, but check out what our tunnel looked like in this aftermath video.

We've had some weather here, which is going to set us back a little, but never fear, here's a sleep deprived Christopher Moonlight to explain. #QuantumTerror #elnino #texasstorm #Lovecraftian #floods #PracticalEffects #practicalfx #ChristopherMoonlight
Posted by The Quantum Terror on Friday, October 30, 2015

Still we managed to enjoy our Halloween, and I even took time out to make a tutorial on my costume, which you can watch here.

Yes, that's a DIY Alien chestburster puppet made using household materials. No, I don't consider it movie quality. All movie quality materials are of course dedicated to bringing The Quantum Terror to life.

You can get the full scoop on building baby aliens on where I go into more detail about the inspiration. Click HERE to read it.

Back to work! Tomorrow, I meet with my miniature set builder as we continue to move ahead with production, but as usual, we're counting on you to help let people know that our Indiegogo is still open and accepting contributions.

As always, thank you!
-Christopher "Moonlight"
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