Saturday, May 21, 2016

Director Christopher Moonlight Interviews With Film Courage!

“If you were to hand Jimi Hendrix a $100 thrift shop guitar, that guy is still
going to shred on it….”

It was an honor and privilege to have been asked by to talk about how we're shooting The Quantum Terror on a Canon 7D. You can see the full article that goes along with the video by clicking HERE. I talk about the camera, lenses, and how planning with your team makes all the difference. 

I know I say this a thousand times a month, but I want you all to know that the other team that makes all the difference is you guys, the people who have supported us through pledges, input, and sharing our links & posts. I always have you in mind while I'm doing all of this work. I'm very grateful to you and am so looking forward to showing you the finished film. 

Thank you.

-Christopher "Moonlight"

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