Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Update For September 2017

I'm back with another update. The move from Texas to California is over. My computer is fixed and running. Editing has resumed.

We're also working opening titles, music, and graphics. Here's what you'll see when the movie starts.

Mesmer Films & Christopher Moonlight Productions Presents
A Christopher Moonlight Film
Kristin Cochell
Paula Marcenaro Solinger
The Quantum Terror
Matt Blackwell
Jordan Michael Brinkman
Val Mayerik
& Dimitrius Pulido
Music by Derek J. Hunt
Costume Design by Christopher Moonlight & Heather Lowe
Edited by Christopher Cooksey
Production Design by Jenna Green & Christopher Moonlight
Special Effects by Jenna Green & Christopher Cooksey
Miniature Effects by Heather Lowe
Additional Tentacles Effects by studioADI
Director of Photography Anthony Gutierrez
Executive Producer James Hudnall
Produced by Douglas Mayfield & Christopher Cooksey
Story by Christopher Moonlight Jason Walker & Frank Papa III
Screenplay by Christopher Moonlight
Directed by Christopher Moonlight

Next up: A new trailer. 


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