Friday, December 15, 2017

Update for December 2017

Hey Everyone, sorry this update is overdue. I try to put one out at least once a month but the workload overtook me and I got behind on a few things. Here's the a video with me updating you, and I'll put some bullet points afterwards.

The irony is that not even a full hour after this video was recorded, my computer died on me again. Don't worry, we'll get it up and running for the home stretch. I'm going to name it Lazarus, it's come back from the dead so many times. Derek says my computer "has the voodoo."

Video Bullet Points:

  • The movie is edited and we're working on VFX and sound design right now. 
  • There's a BTS for The Quantum Terror on the way for IndieGoGo supporters.
  • Shortly after that, there will be a new trailer. 

By the way, I mentioned working for studioADI for one of my two day jobs. It's a dream come true and my bosses are amazing. They're celebrating their 30th anniversary as a special effects company in 2018 and are rolling out some amazing things. Their 20th Century Fox (now Disney I guess) approved Aliens art pieces are amazing. Click HERE if you want to buy one of them. I'll post some photos below.  Also, be sure to sign up for their newsletter, here:


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