Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Update 03-28-2017: Post Production Marathon

It's (past) update time again. It has been non stop over here at The Quantum Terror movie, post production headquarters, but you deserve an update. There's not really much to tell. We are deep into editing right now with sound and VFX work about to begin, too. Again, we'd like to have the movie out in the month of May, but as far as when in May or even if we'll make that deadline, we can't be sure.

The thing is, we want this movie to be the best quality it can be. That means that I don't just slap together an edit and call it done. As of now, the first half of the movie is edited and has been sent off to our executive producer James Hudnell and producer Doug Mayfield of Mesmer Films for critique. We're also getting notes from director of photography Anthony Gutierrez, head of effects Jenna Green, and of course our master of sound and music Derek J. Hunt.

I personally want to say to all who supported this film, that my deepest desire is for all involved to feel good about having contributed to it. That means that when the movie comes out it will be the best it can possibly be, everyone has received their pledge rewards, and no one feels like they were slighted, ignored, or let down.

A few notes on pledge rewards. Again, scripts, downloads, and credits can of course not be given out until after the movie's release. I am still missing a couple of "Voice Of Evil" recordings. If you have not recorded yours for any reason or are having difficulty getting it to me, please let me know. It's been a long time coming but we are finally about to integrate your work into our film. We've had a little trouble with shipping with our T-shirt printer. Please, bear with us. If you have one coming as a reward they will be on their way soon. Very sorry for the extended wait, but thank you so much for being so gracious and patient.

Here's a few things to keep you tied over while you wait. Kristin Cochell was recently interviewed for IdolFeatures.com. You can read it by CLICKING HERE.

I had a fun moment where Quantum Terror actor Val Mayerik, who also happens to be an amazing artist and co-creator of Howard The Duck, drew a rather crazed looking portrait of yours truly.

I like it.

You may also like having a look at this title card, which I can't say what it's for just yet, created by our logo designer David Paul. David is also a very talented writer for his own brand Bad Halo Comix.

Meanwhile, in between editing sessions I've been doing some fun sketches of the creatures that may or may not (due to budget restrictions) be appearing in The Quantum Terror. (at least two of them do)

As always, thank you!
-Christopher "Moonlight"

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