Monday, April 17, 2017

Post Easter Horrors Update 04-17-2017

Well, I hope everyone had a very nice Easter or if you're not of a mind for chocolate eggs, a nice month so far. I've made a new video update for you all, giving a rundown of what's been happening with our movie, as well as some other exciting news, but if you don't feel like watching then just check out the notes below.

Editing The Quantum Terror is coming along well, although it is probably the most labor intensive task for me, when it comes to making a film. That's probably because I don't have my cast and crew with me at this point in the process, backing me up and making me look good.

I do have a some great help, though. Composer Derek J. Hunt is not only creating amazing music for our film but is also managing sound design, bringing the quality of our production up to a whole new level.

In addition to that, I'm am very excited to announce that Make-Up Effects Group co-founder Paul Katte has joined in to bring his own brand of artistry to the VFX team. He and his partner Nick Nicolaou (pictured above on another project) are better known for their practical effects work, but true talent knows no bounds and I am truly overwhelmed that Paul has agreed to take part in this production.  I mean, just check out their show reel!

The Matrix? The Hobbit? Childhood's End? Wolverine? How did I get the combined talent of both MEG, on top of studioADI on our little film? I honestly don't know, but I feel super lucky. I've also had the pleasure of interviewing them in the past on my practical effects podcast show The Practical People...

...which brings me to my next announcement. If you didn't know I have an entire first season of The Practical People under my belt, filled with interviews with some of the best PFX artists in the business, that you can listen to by clicking HERE on You Tube or HERE on After a long hiatus I will be "soft starting" season 2 in the coming weeks, and then slowly rolling out more through the summer, when the film is finished and I have more time. MEG will be our first guest and then I will bring you fresh interviews from both new and return guests.

Please, be sure to also find my show on Facebook by clicking HERE.

It is my intention  after the release of The Quantum Terror to continue to produce content in the form of more interviews, tutorials, feature films, and other artistic content. If the demand keeps up I will finance this endeavor via Patrion or some other subscription service. I'm still researching the possibilities and trying to figure out if the demand will be there.

That's why I want to hear from you. Do you want this kind of content? If I do start a Patreon account, what kind of products would entice you to subscribe? Would you like to see more in depth video tutorials? How about one of a kind hand made miniature creatures? Are you interested in original artwork or limited addition prints? Maybe, there's something I'm not thinking of that you'd like to see me provide. Please, let me know through this blog or my other social media, provided in the links below. I'd love your input.

Last but not least, I want to address another Lovecraftian, Indiegogo funded, horror movie called The Void that just came out via VOD.  It's a cool little low budget flick and bears a lot of similarities to our movie. Indeed if you watch it before The Quantum Terror you can see that we drew from very similar sources. I'm not worried about this. You can't do a Lovecraftian film and not hit Lovecraftian notes. I've been working on this movie for over two years now and can say with confidence that although some imagery will be strikingly similar, The Quantum Terror takes things in an entirely different direction. Besides, the movie has been in the can for a while now. There's no going back to change it. I think the two movies can exist side by side as a testament to how differently people can react to an individual idea or ideology.  

As always, thank you!
-Christopher "Moonlight"

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